Gas Safety Week 2019!

Its here – the annual gas safety week. Gas Safety Week is a week long campaign that helps people to be more gas safe aware in their homes. The campaign runs from 16th to 22nd September and this years main focus will be vulnerable people. 

This blog contains our tips on how the vulnerable and their dependants can keep gas safe, as well as advice from the Gas Safe Register.

A Recent Study

According to a recent study by Gas Safe Register, 1 in 5 households have unsafe gas appliances! This may include appliances such as boilers, fires and gas cookers. This research involved over 2000 people who have elderly or disabled relatives or loved ones, that they see regularly to care for or check in on. The majority of these people said that the main reason for checking in on their loved ones was for their safety. Scarily, 92% of these people didn’t know what the crucial signs of an unsafe gas appliance was!

What to Look For

  • Does yours or your loved ones cooker have a lazy yellow flame when lit? This is a sign that the cooker is not working as it should be and may pose a serious risk to those in its vicinity for a long period.
  • More frequent amounts of condensation inside the windows is also a sign that a gas appliance may not be working as it should. This may mean that gases from the boiler flue are spilling back into the house, which can be extremely dangerous in a confined space.
  • Make sure there is a carbon monoxide alarm in yours and your loved ones property. These relative inexpensive devices will sound if carbon monoxide is detected. This could potentially save lives, as carbon monoxide is a odourless gas that may not be picked up without one!

Our Tips

  • Make sure you know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. There are 6 main symptoms, many of which can present themselves as a flu or a hangover. These are:
    • Headache, Nausea, Dizziness, Breathlessness, Collapse, Loss of Consciousness
  • Make sure you have your boiler serviced every year and ensure your loved ones remember to put it in their diary. Many of us lead very busy lives and may forget, however a simple boiler service will pick up on gas leaks and put your mind at ease. 
  • Always use a gas safe engineer. The engineers are put through training to ensure that their work is carried out safely. It is common for people without Gas Safe registration to attempt to work on gas appliances. If this should happen politely decline and call someone who can carry out the work safely and is certified to do so. Examples of this may include: 
    • Building work meaning that a boiler may have to be relocated. Make sure that the building company have a gas safe engineer with them to carry out this work.
    • Kitchen fitting meaning that a new gas hob or cooker have been installed. Always ask to see the accompanying gas fitters card, most gas engineers will be more than happy to show it off!

Thank you for reading our blog. I hope this has given you some insight into gas safety and the dangers of not being gas safe aware in the home!


Customer Service – The DTS Way!

At some stage or another, sadly, we’ve all been on the receiving end of poor customer service, whether that be being put on hold for what seems like hours, assistants chatting to each other whilst they’re serving or tradesmen not turning up.

To us, along with the quality of our workmanship, customer service is paramount and we like to think that we do it quite well, our reviews certainly reflect this.

The areas of customer service that are key for us are ……

Know your customers

Since we started up 5 years ago we have been lucky enough to have gained many loyal customers and feel that we have learned a great deal about their requirements and preferences.  We use a software system where we can make note of any special requests or information, to which all our staff have access and can act upon.  Having said that, there’s nothing l quite like the personal approach, anyone who has rung the office and spoken to Shannon will know she likes a chat; as do our engineers when they call, usually accompanied by a cuppa and a biscuit!

Timely responses

There’s nothing worse than calling a business, leaving a message then waiting days for them to ring you back.  We try and respond to all our messages on the same day, whether that be by phone, email or via a social media platform.

Proactive v Reactive

There will always be times where we have to be reactive, if you have a leak or if your boiler stops working, but we do try to be proactive wherever we can.  We will always remind you it’s time for your boiler service, appliance check or gas safety certificate, but when we do visit if we spot anything our engineer thinks may cause a problem further down the line, we would let you know in advance.


This is a key thing for us.  There are many ways in which you can get in touch with us; via our website, by email, phone or text message, we also use Instagram and Facebook messaging.  As well as our Facebook page, where we post hints, tips and information daily, we also have a group where members can ask plumbing and heating related questions to save having to call us out for easily solved problems, such as bleeding radiators or topping up boiler pressure.


We welcome your comments and feedback and there are several ways in which you can do this.  Our engineers will leave you a Checkatrade and/or Which Trusted Traders form to complete, you can also review us online or on Google.

We hope that you agree that our customer service is one of the areas where we strive as a small business. Our Which customers definitely do, with 100% of them agreeing that they would recommend us!

Thanks for reading,