The Importance of a Boiler Service

According to Worcester Bosch, 25% of the UK population fail to have their boiler serviced every year. This blog will look into the importance of a boiler service. It will also cover how a boiler service can save you money and ensure you and your family are safe.

Saving you Money

A boiler service is a similar concept to a car MOT and ensures everything is running safely and efficiently. Whilst completing a boiler service, our engineer will test components of the boiler and highlight any parts that need maintenance. This will help to prevent them failing in the near future and therefore can prevent a costly repair.

Our engineers will also test the water has enough inhibitor. This protects the central heating system and helps to prevent any breakdowns due to untreated central heating water.


Having your boiler serviced every year will also mean that the efficiency of the boiler can be improved. Our engineers will fine tune the boiler wherever possible to ensure that it is running in the most efficient manner. When a DTS engineer comes to service the boiler, they will offer you advice on the efficiency of the boiler and recommendations on how to improve this.

Our engineer will also help you to set your thermostat to make sure that is at its most efficient setting. This will further save you money as the efficiency of the boiler and central heating can reduce the amount you spend on your gas bills.

Keeping you Safe

Although a boiler is, for most houses, the main source of heating and hot water it can also be extremely dangerous if not maintained correctly. By not having your boiler serviced, you risks a number of dangerous problems in your home. This includes carbon monoxide leaks, gas leaks and risk of damage to life or property from other products of combustion.

A boiler service will ensure that no harmful gasses are at risk of getting into your home. The engineer checking a number of things including the integrity of the boiler flue and the gas readings from the meter at specific points.

Boiler Warranty

If all of the reasons above weren’t enough, having your boiler service will also maintain the manufacturer’s warranty of your boiler. If the boiler breaks down whilst covered, the manufacturers representative tend to ask for service history. They may charge for the repairs if this cannot be produced. These can often be costly and can be avoided by having an annual service to ensure the warranty remains valid.

As always, thank you for reading.  Stay safe!

Shannon, Dale & DTS Plumbing Team