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The Importance of a Boiler Service

According to Worcester Bosch, 25% of the UK population fail to have their boiler serviced every year. This blog will look into the importance of a boiler service. It will also cover how a boiler service can save you money and ensure you and your family are safe. Saving you Money A boiler service is … Continue reading “The Importance of a Boiler Service”

COVID-19 Update

Firstly, the team at DTS hope you are all safe and well during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are times that, although we are learning to adapt, are still very uncertain and no one knows what to expect. Update on our Services On March 23rd, the UK went into lockdown and we made the difficult decision … Continue reading “COVID-19 Update”

Spring Clean at DTS

This blog is a brief update of what DTS have in store coming into spring!

Combi Boilers vs Regular Boilers

When buying a new boiler, it is a bit of a minefield! We have done blogs on when to consider a new boiler and what to look for from your boiler installer. To follow on, we have put together a blog on the different types of boilers to enable you to decide which is best … Continue reading “Combi Boilers vs Regular Boilers”

Boiler Installations De-Mythed!

There are hundreds of different plumbers around South Yorkshire and the country as a whole. But what sets each one apart from the other? This blog will contain all the information about what we at DTS Plumbing complete when installing a boiler in your home. Initial Survey We start off with the initial survey to … Continue reading “Boiler Installations De-Mythed!”

Thinking of a New Boiler?

Do you have a boiler that is getting temperamental? Are your energy bills creeping upwards? It may be time to consider a new boiler to maximise the efficiency of your central heating. Not only that, it will get the house toasty warm ready for Christmas. Advantages of a new boiler Energy bills should decrease. A … Continue reading “Thinking of a New Boiler?”

Halloween Horrors!

So it’s Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Eve, Day of the Dead or Fright Night; whatever you call it make sure the only scary thing lurking around your home is the endless stream of trick or treaters. What to Look Out For Now we don’t want to frighten you but there’s a sinister silent … Continue reading “Halloween Horrors!”

Plumbing in the Family

Shannon and Dale are no strangers to the plumbing industry, both having had close family members who were also in the trade. This blog will give a bit of an insight into the plumbers of the family, many of them having an impact on where DTS Plumbing and Heating is today. Dale – DTS Plumbing … Continue reading “Plumbing in the Family”

Your Plumbing Questions – Answered!

There are many questions we get asked on a regular basis. So to help our customers, we have compiled a list of the top 10 questions we get asked. Some are plumbing related, others are company related, but we hope in some way they will help!

Gas Safety Week 2019!

Its here – the annual gas safety week. Gas Safety Week is a week long campaign that helps people to be more gas safe aware in their homes. The campaign runs from 16th to 22nd September and this years main focus will be vulnerable people.  This blog contains our tips on how the vulnerable and … Continue reading “Gas Safety Week 2019!”