Summer, Sun & Beer….Mats

Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win a Nest Learning Thermostat!

For this fortnights blog, we wanted to tell you all about our current promotion that we have running. Its one that is a bit different and that everybody can get involved with!

What is the Competition?

In local pubs, bars and hotels around the Sheffield area we have distributed 1000 drinks mats with details of our company and what we do on one side and a competition on the other. All you have to do is send us a selfie of you and the drinks mat, let us know where you are and tag us or post the photo to our Facebook. Once we receive it, you will be entered into the chance to win a Nest Learning Thermostat! (RRP £219).

What is a Nest?

Find out more here:

Who is Involved?

The participating pubs so far are:

  • Toolmakers Brewery – Neepsend, S3
  • The Forest Pub – Neepsend, S3
  • Fat Cat – Kelham Island, S3
  • Kelham Island Tavern – Kelham Island, S3
  • Three Merry Lads – Lodge Moor, S10
  • Shiny Sheff – Lodge Moor, S10
  • The Bridge Inn – Ridgeway, S12
  • The Swan – Ridgeway, S12
  • The Devonshire Arms – Dore, S17
  • The Hare & Hound – Dore, S17
  • The Cross Scythes – Totley, S17
  • The Crown Inn – Totley, S17
  • The British Oak – Mosborough, S20
  • The Queen – Mosborough, S20
  • Angel & Harlequin – Spinkhill, S21
  • Renishaw Golf Club – Renishaw, S21
  • The Mossbrook – Eckington, S21
  • The Crown – Killamarsh, S21
  • The Black Bull – Aughton, S26
  • The Beehive @ Harthill – Harthill, S26
  • Robin Hood Inn – Aughton, S26
  • Rother Valley Golf Club Bar – Wales Bar, S26

Rules & Regulations

You can gladly enter more than once if you see them in more than one location, just make sure you tag the location!

Just a few boring rules that we hope you can follow:

  • Competition is open to everyone over 18 years of age
  • No unsolicited photos (no rude’s please!)
  • Be creative and share with your friends.
  • DTS plumbing and Heating have the right to withdraw your entry at any times if rules are broken.

When Will it Finish?

The winner will be announced on Sunday 1st September, keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled!

We can’t wait to see your entries and good luck!


The DTS Team

Save Water, Save Money, Save the World!

Small drips can become big bills! We have put together a blog with some handy tips on how to save water and what are the main culprits of water usage!

Small drips can become big bills! Not only do these pesky leaks hike your water bill up, they also damage the environment by using more energy! We have put together a blog with some handy tips on how to save water and what are the main culprits of water usage!

Bath & Shower

  • Do you find yourself taking more baths than showers? Five minute showers use less than 30 litres of water, whereas baths use between 55 and 95!
  • There are now water saving shower heads available. These combine air and water through the head to save the amount of water being used!


  • If your tap drips more than twice per minute, you could be wasting over 4 litres of water a week. This could be due to a perished washer or the cartridge or tap may need replacing!
  • Turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth could save you over 12 litres of water if you brush for the recommended time of 2 minutes!


  • Did you know, flushing the toilet accounts for up to 30% of your water bill. An average flush can use between 7 litres of water, for an ultra low flow toilet, all the way up to 16 litres for older, less water efficient toilets.  Considering the average person uses the toilet 2500 times per year, that’s a lot of water! 
  • A continuously running toilet not only becomes annoying, it can also waste over 500 litres of water daily! Thats enough to send your water bill sky high if it is left without repair!
  • Our advice to save money would be to have the internal mechanisms of the toilet changed if they are starting to show wear or small leaks. These will make your toilet work like brand new! 


  • There’s nothing we like more than a lovely hot summer, after all we don’t really get them that often!  However, a long dry period takes its toll on our lawns and gardens.  Instead of hiking up your water bill, consider having a water butt fitted, not only will it save money on your water bills it’s also much better for the environment. 
  • If you have no space for a water butt, be sure to water your garden with a watering can rather than your hose pipe. The garden hose can use up to 1000 litres of water an hour. In a prolonged dry spell, why not use your bath or washing up water to water your beds and baskets?

Thanks for reading, for more handy hints visit our Facebook page