Boiler Installations De-Mythed!

There are hundreds of different plumbers around South Yorkshire and the country as a whole. But what sets each one apart from the other? This blog will contain all the information about what we at DTS Plumbing complete when installing a boiler in your home.

Initial Survey

We start off with the initial survey to discuss what you have in mind for your new boiler and the installation. This includes your budget, any preferences on brands you may have and the way in which you would like to control your heating or hot water. Sometimes, surveys and boilers can be quite “technological” and confusing. Therefore, we break this down into understandable terms and discuss all stages of the installation. We will then send your quotation within 48 hours and will be on hand to discuss any queries you may have!

Water Quality

When installing a new boiler, the quality of the water is key. To ensure that the central heating water is of compliant quality with British Standards, we complete a flush on the central heating system as standard with every boiler installation. Once this is complete, we take a sample of the water and send it off to an independent laboratory, who make sure the water is clean and will maximise the life of your central heating! We also install a magnetic filter with every new boiler, so that if any sludge does start to build up, it is much less likely to reach the components of your boiler causing any damage!

Did you know, installing an A-Rated boiler on a dirty central heating system reduces its efficiency rating in just 6 days!! Once this is complete, we receive a report which will be shared with you, then should your boiler break down it will ensure your warranty remains valid!

Protection Against Frozen Condensate Pipes

In recent years, when weather has been at its worst, there has been lots of talk about frozen condensate pipes preventing boilers from working. When installing a new boiler, if any of the condensate pipes run externally, we will insulate these with a coated lagging that protects pipes from exceptionally low temperatures! Therefore, this protects your boiler from cutting out during the winter months, leaving you without any heating or hot water!


AT DTS Plumbing & Heating, we are accredited installers with Worcester Bosch. This means that we can install boilers with up to a 12 year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your boiler breakdowns are covered within the warranty until 2032. This covers parts and labour, so you wont be left with an unexpected bills

Thermostats & Controls

When installing a new boiler, we ensure that the controls are exactly what the customer wants. This ranges from the most simple controls to smart controls that can be controlled from your phone from outside the home. Some even controlling each room individually! All controls we install are Boiler Plus compliant and in line with regulations.

If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact us on or 01142483011.


The DTS Plumbing Team