Combi Boilers vs Regular Boilers

When buying a new boiler, it is a bit of a minefield! We have done blogs on when to consider a new boiler and what to look for from your boiler installer. To follow on, we have put together a blog on the different types of boilers to enable you to decide which is best for you. This may be a combi boiler or regular boiler.

Combi Boilers

Traditionally, combination boilers entered the market as a boiler for a one bathroom property. As always, technology has advanced and this isn’t necessarily the case in present times. However, some people think that combi boilers are a “one-stop shop” and are a solution to all problems. 

One of the main reasons combi boilers can be a great addition is they save a considerable amount of space. They combine a central heating boiler and a water heater into one unit, allowing you to get rid of any hot water cylinders or tanks. This means you can have a combi boiler installed in almost any place in your home!

A combi boiler also heats your water on demand. So, when you are wanting a nice hot shower you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up. And, if you are the last one to have a shower, it means it wont have gone cold!

Not only do you get hot water on demand, the hot water from your taps and shower come through at mains level power. This means the mains pressure of the water tends to be a lot higher. Therefore if you like a more powerful shower, you are more likely to reap the benefits! 

There are, however a few limitations on combi boilers. For example, combi boilers do not contain or use an immersion heater. Therefore if your boiler breaks down there is no back up for hot water (aside from an electric shower). Meaning that until you can get the boiler fixed, there would be no heating or hot water throughout the house.

Although the combi boiler offers a more high pressured shower, this is only if no other water sources running. If more than one water outlet be running at once, the water pressure will be significantly reduced. This is because the hot water is feeding more than one outlet.

Regular Boilers

Regular/Traditional boilers are a trio of a boiler, hot water cylinder and at least one water storage tank located in the loft. The regular boiler is a good solution to older properties with an older radiator system as these systems sometimes struggle to cope with the pressure from combi boilers. 

Regular boilers are great for large properties where a lot of hot water is used at the same time, usually through multiple bathrooms. This means that the kids aren’t arguing over the water pressure when they are both having a shower or the pots can be washed at the same time as running a bath! 

As mentioned above, if a combi boiler breaks down, you are left without heating and hot water. However, if a traditional boiler set up has an immersion heater installed to the hot water cylinder, you can still get hot water if the boiler breaks down!

As most things do, the regular boiler also has its drawbacks. The set up of regular boiler requires a large amount of loft space and an airing cupboard to house the tanks and the cylinder. Therefore, a regular boiler isn’t ideal for smaller properties or properties with a small amount of loft space.

On top of that, the hot water isn’t instant. Once all of the hot water from the cylinder has been used, the water will have to warm up again before you can use it. Not ideal in the winter when you are waiting for a warm bath.

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