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Shannon and Dale are no strangers to the plumbing industry, both having had close family members who were also in the trade. This blog will give a bit of an insight into the plumbers of the family, many of them having an impact on where DTS Plumbing and Heating is today.

Dale – DTS Plumbing and Heating Founder & Owner

Dale started working in the plumbing world aged just 14. He worked for his uncle, who also has a plumbing business, in the school holidays doing labouring. He then left school and started his plumbing college course and apprenticeship , continuing to work with his uncle Glyn and cousin Ryan.

Dale chose to be a plumber as he enjoyed all aspects of the job and had a particular fascination with tools. His passion for plumbing was due to the fact the industry is always changing so there is always something else to learn. Not only that, he is always seeing different places, meeting new people and no day is the same.

Now that he is the owner of a company, Dales passion is passing on his knowledge and experience on to our apprentices, as well as encouraging them to deliver work to a high standard and make customers their main focus.

Terry – Shannons Grandad and Former Plumber

Terry started off as a plumbers apprentice at a Sheffield building company, Hassall’s, in 1952, when he was just 15. After 6 years of training, he took a break after getting his call up papers for National Service.

Two years later he returned to his trade and for the best part of 37 years thats what he did; with a couple of other jobs along the way when the building industry took a down turn.

Sadly, Terry passed away 6 years ago. So, although Dale was already plumbing, he didn’t get to see them start their own plumbing business; he would, however, be very proud of them both.

Glyn & Ryan – Dales Uncle & Cousin and Gas Engineers

Dale spent most of his teenage years working along side Glyn and Ryan which broadened his knowledge of all things plumbing and heating. They were the main starting block for his passion in the industry, taught him an exceptional amount and still run their successful plumbing company to date. We enjoy the friendly competition and like to help each other out where possible.

Glyn decided he wanted to be a gas engineer from being an early age. It all started when his family had a new gas fire installed and he was amazed that something was built from nothing!

We hope you have enjoyed our insight into our plumbing family history! Visit our website fortnightly, for our new blog!


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