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What Cathedral Archer Project Do

“At the Cathedral Archer Project (CAP) we help homeless and vulnerable adults to lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives. We believe that every person who comes through our doors is an individual with talents, the ability to lead a healthy, sustainable life, and who in time and with support, will have aspirations they want to achieve. It is our experience, supported by research, that through building positive relationships, we can help people change their lives for the better.”

About Cathedral Archer Project

Cathedral Archer Project provide so many services to the homeless people of Sheffield. We were amazed by these when we first visited the project around 2 years ago. The project has visiting doctors and dentists to help with any issues the service users may have, they offer classes, support to attend drug and alcohol treatment services, a safe place to keep their belongings as well as showers, laundry and hot food.

How we Help

We love working with the Archer Project for many reasons. The number of rough sleepers on the streets is becoming more and more by the day and we want to do whatever we can to help. This ranges from donating key items such as clothes, shoes and food supplies to serving breakfast and having a chat. We also collect monetary donations for the Archer Project and try to raise money wherever we can. The atmosphere at the project is positive, everyone is polite and the facilities they provide are amazing!

Why we Help

None of us at DTS Plumbing have ever experienced homelessness, and we hope we never will. But after working with the Archer Project, we realise that this can happen to anyone and want to continue to support the charity to help these people back on their feet. We don’t do this for any other reason other than to help others to have the things in life that we often take for granted.

Upcoming Events

The Cathedral Archer Project are holding their first ever music festival “Music for the Homeless” on Saturday 8th June. We will be there and hope you can come too, the money raised all goes to a great cause. There will be fun for all of the family and live music playing all day. There is also a chance to take part in a sponsored sleep out straight after the event!

Thanks for reading,

Shannon – DTS Plumbing & Lynne – Cathedral Archer Project

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