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No day is the same as a DTS Plumbing and Heating apprentice. One day I could be hanging radiators, the next fitting a boiler. I have therefore put together this blog of what it’s like in a week in the life of DTS apprentice.

Day 1

Today I am working alongside Drew. We are magnetically flushing a central heating system using the ADEY Magnacleanse. This will attract all the sediment and magnetite to the magnets on the machine to clean and restore the central heating system. This build up of components cause all sorts of problems in your central heating and removing it will mean much healthier radiators!

A cool feature about the Magnacleanse is that the clear hoses allow you to see the water getting gradually cleaner, letting you know the flush is working and has been done correctly. The sun is shining too which is also a bonus!

Day 2

The first job today was at a call centre in Rotherham to replace a leaking radiator. This is an enormous commercial building. It was so interesting to see the grand scale of the plumbing and heating throughout. We luckily were able to replace the radiator by locking both sides off. Draining down the entire system in a building this size would have taken forever!

From there, we set off to our next job which was rerouting a cold water feed to the boiler to a better suited route. This ensures the pipework was more efficient and better insulated. Chris ran the 15mm copper pipe to the boiler whilst I ran some 15mm plastic pipe to the feed. It wasn’t long before I got home either as the job was on my road!

Day 3

Up bright and early on a Saturday this week! Me and Drew attended a restaurant kitchen in Park Hill needing to be completed before the company opened for trade! With a quick change of the sink trap and new tap cartridges installed, the kitchen was back in business! 

Repetition, repetition, repetition. I have found thats the best way to learn things that are new and unfamiliar! By spending time working with Dale on Saturdays, I am able to see lots of boiler servicing.

As an apprentice, by taking notes, I have picked up plenty of techniques and tips that are helping me improve every day. These include; gas safety standards, gas safety regulations and visual boiler checks. These are a must know when servicing a boiler or gas appliance.

Day 4

No Monday blues here! Every day on the job is different for me and gives me new experiences. Today was the first time I had seen a soil pipe installed from start to finish. I am proud to say I played a part in it too! I started by preparing all the tools that we would need and laying dust sheets to protect the customer’s house.

Once we were ready, I then made sure the soil pipe was stable when Chris was working on it and secure when it had been finished. I also filed down the ends of the soil pipe and made sure the fittings connected properly.

Day 5

Another day, another magnetic flush! We also ensure a magnetic filter is fitted when completing a magnetic flush. This protects your boiler from any build up of sediment which can cause major damage! 

Day 6

First job of the day was to safely remove a radiator from the wall for the customer to decorate. We emptied the radiator water in a drain to avoid causing any damage or discolouration to anywhere inside. After that, we made sure the valves were isolated on both sides, avoiding any leaks onto the carpet!

We then headed over to a leak from a bathroom which was coming through a light fitting in the kitchen! We started by looking for the leak in the most accessible places. A great place to start, plus the customer had had new floor fitted in the bathroom as well as an impressive new bath panel.

Thankfully, we found the leak on one of the flexible hoses on the basin which had started to show signs of wearing. This made the customer very happy, the bathroom had just been renovated so it caused minimal disruption.

Day 7

A long day for me today!

With plenty to get done, myself and Chris started our day by completing three boiler services. After that, we installed a new shower and did some work upgrading a bathroom. Finally, disconnecting another radiator for a customer decorating! Everyone must have a spring clean feeling!

Lots of useful things learnt on this day, which is what I love about being an apprentice! From different parts and functions of older boilers, to what the most effective way to install a shower screen is. With plenty to take in, I sure did sleep well that night!

Thank you for reading my blog on a day in the life of a DTS apprentice, I will keep you updated with my progress throughout my apprenticeship 🙂



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